Design Cultivation

Design Cultivation, INC was founded by Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP) and interior designer Helena Pietrusiewicz. She brings to her clients 17+ years of diverse background in design, fabrication and project management with experience in residential interiors, commercial interiors, private schools, Theme park sets and lighting. Design Cultivation is dedicated to increasing good sustainable design in the residential and light commercial market.

Our Mission

Sustainability means we enjoy benefit from our earth’s resources without compromising the ability of future generations to the same advantages. The mission of Design Cultivation is to promote design in balance with nature by cultivating sustainable, thoughtful and refined environments, maintain beautiful aesthetics and support the wellbeing of its occupants and the future of our Earth.

Our Promise

You want to do the right thing, express your values, and not sacrifice beautiful style. Design Cultivation provides sustainable solutions that fit in our modern world and your modern lifestyle. We will bring our complete selection of resources and experts to your unique project, for the best sustainable design solutions for your new, healthier home.

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